Zero Emission electric Vehicles enabled by haRmonised circulArity

In a Nutshell

ZEvRA’s main objective is to improve the circularity of light-duty EVs throughout their entire value chain, from materials supply and manufacturing to end-of-life (EoL) processes, which aligns with the European Union’s goal of achieving zero CO2e emissions by 2035, particularly in the EV value chain.

To do so, ZEvRA will develop a Design for Circularity (DfC) methodology and a holistic circularity assessment aimed at improving the production of electric vehicles (EVs) based on the 9Rs. This methodology will be validated by developing zero emission solutions for the most important automotive materials: steel, three versions of aluminium (wrought, casting, and foam), thermoplastics composites (long and continuous fibre-reinforced), unfiled/short fibre plastics, glass, tyres and Rare Earth Elements (REE). These solutions will be supported by a set of digital tools to support the manufacturing of the use cases, the assessment of circularity, traceability, and the virtual integration of components into a full replicable vehicle. To maximise the outreach of our methodology and zero emission solutions, ZEvRA will develop a dedicated training & upskilling programme for the automotive workforce and academia, together with activities aimed at increasing awareness & acceptability of the proposed zero emission solutions. Lastly, circular business models targeting EoL and logistics aimed at improving the economic feasibility of circularity in EVs are advanced.

Our Goals

Driving Circular Transformation in European Automotive Industry

Validation of Zero-Emission Solutions

Revolutionizing Mobility: Circular Car Concept

Embracing Circular Business Models for Sustainable Impact

Nurturing Innovation: Human Capital Empowerment

Elevating Circularity Awareness and Acceptance






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